Acoustic Guitar

easy songs to play on guitar for beginners - woman playing guitar and singing

10 Easy Songs To Play On Guitar For Beginners

Learning the guitar doesn’t have to be a series of boring scale and speed exercises; you can get better by playing songs! In this article, you will find 10 songs you can master easily at the beginner level, with some tips on how to approach difficulty in songs. A note

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learn guitar for left handers - left handed acoustic guitar

Learn Guitar For Left-Handers In 5 Steps

Is it possible to learn guitar for left-handers? Very much so! In this article, you will find some useful tips if you’re naturally left-handed and want to learn to play guitar; along with some details of my own experience doing so.

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How To Learn Guitar In Home - Man And Woman On Couch Playing Guitar

5 Tips On How To Learn Guitar In Your Home

Thirty years ago, when I started to think about how to learn guitar in my home, there was no Internet. No social networks, and none of the other invaluable resources we have access to today. In those days, I only had friends, who barely knew a little more than I

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