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best pedalboards

Guitar Pedal Reviews

Best Pedalboard: Top 5 Picks To Organize Your Gear

Hello guitars enthusiasts, and welcome to My Best Pedalboards Review! I have been playing in many bands on different stages during the last three decades. You can be sure that I proved several pedalboards to the extreme during all that time. Thanks to my experience, you can buy an unknown one that breaks in the most …

best octave pedal

Guitar Pedal Reviews

Best Octave Pedal: Top 5 Picks To Harmonize Your Tone!

Welcome guitar effects pedals enthusiast! You still don’t have a good octave pedal in your effects chain? Shame on you! (Just kidding). You need to have one of those in your dream pedalboard. But before buying one online, you need to know some things about them. And that’s why I’m here, to help you avoid …

best phaser pedal

Guitar Pedal Reviews

Best Phaser Pedal: Top 5 Picks To Buy In 2024

Phaser pedals or phase shifters were created back then in the ’60s to obtain a kind of swirling psychedelic sound. I always loved this fascinating effect; it generates a subtle but engaging sound that captures your ears. Phasing effect is one of the most pioneering guitar effects pedals and was originally developed to recreate the …

best overdrive pedal

Guitar Pedal Reviews

Best Overdrive Pedal: Top 5 Picks To Buy Right Now

If you are researching effect pedals on the web, it won’t take long till you conclude this market is huge. Literally, hundreds of effect pedals wait for you out there. The challenge is not minor when we talk about finding the best overdrive pedal because it’s not easy to find the right drive pedal for …