Best Pedalboard: Top 5 Picks To Organize Your Gear

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Hello guitars enthusiasts, and welcome to My Best Pedalboards Review!

I have been playing in many bands on different stages during the last three decades. You can be sure that I proved several pedalboards to the extreme during all that time.

Thanks to my experience, you can buy an unknown one that breaks in the most critical moment while you’re performing. Or you can read this article to learn how to get a guitar pedalboard as strong as a rock you can trust with no concern.

Let’s better go through the facts to help you identify The Best Pedalboard to Organize Your Gear!

The 5 Best Pedalboards That You Need to Know!

#1 Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard

If you are looking for a high-quality board for organizing a great number of pedals that can be easily transported and configured. Well, the Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium may be the one for you. For some reason, the Dingbat models are known for being some of the best pedalboards in the market. 

As you will want the best power supply to connect your pedals, you will be happy to know that the Dingbat pedalboards come with a Pedal Power 2 Plus power supply already mounted onboard.

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And to finish the sale, let’s say the Dingbat Medium comes with its own padded gig bag included.

Let’s see now some benefits that make the Dingbat Medium one of the best guitar pedalboards available right now:

  • It is lightweight, durable, and very stable because the Dingbat Medium board is made with superior American 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • You have plenty of space for cable management under the unit, and it has slots to make for easy arrangements.
  • The Dingbat was designed to handle being stepped on repeatedly thanks to its well-thought-out construction.
  • It has mounting brackets for your Power 2 Plus built-in power.
  • The Dingbat is a great value option for mounting 8 to 12 pedals, depending on their size. It is good to know that the Dingbat series comes in four more different sizes besides its medium-sized model.
  • Adhesive Hook and loop fastener closure systems are included.
  • It supports a second power supply that can be quickly installed with optional mounting brackets. Additionally, these power supplies can be mounted on top or below the board.

With the built-in power supply, you will count with eight isolated outputs, short-circuit protected, regulated, and highly filtered. This power supply is handmade in the US, has a 5-year warranty, and comes complete with cables and a detachable AC power cord.

All Voodoo Lab products are created and built by musicians for musicians. Voodoo Lab has helped musicians achieve the sound they need by designing and manufacturing professional electronics since 1986.

You’ll love this:

  1. First-class padded bag:  Now, you can throw your pedalboard into your tour bus without the risk of damaging your beloved pedals. They will always be protected with a first-class padded bag made out of durable materials and premium YKK zippers.
  2. Born to last:  The Dingbat Medium is hard thanks to the careful consideration put into its construction.
  3. Lightweight and durable: The Dingbat Medium is crafted from superior American 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum.

You might not like this:

  1. Screwdriver required: You will need it to mount the power supply.



#2 BOSS BCB-60 Pedal Board

A comfortable way to place and transport a significant number of pedals, a unique padded interior that can be customized to fit almost all your gear, and a convenient AC adapter supply power for up to seven devices. These are some benefits you will enjoy from the BOSS BCB-60 Pedal Board.

It has a customizable interior with three foam inserts pre-cut to hold your favorite gear. The BCB-60 pedalboard seems to store all your gear no matter what kind of pedals you have. Additionally, the BCB-60 includes a spare insert that can be cut to fit compact pedals, Twin Pedals, a tuner, or even a V-Wah.

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Between the many benefits of the BOSS BCB-60 pedalboard, we can mention:

  • Lightweight pedal boards for transporting a vast range of pedals.
  • Customizable design that adapts to your rig. The interior allows being customized to fit compact pedals.
  • Designed to resist heavy impact thanks to its exterior made of tough, molded resin.
  • It can power up to 7 devices with the built-in 1,000 mA AC adapter and includes all wiring.

The BCB-60 Pedal Board comes by default with an onboard AC adaptor that seems like a mini electrical generator. You can run up to seven devices right from the board, thanks to the onboard AC adaptor.

You’ll love this:

  1. They are Huge: The BCB-60 pedalboards were made with a lot of space to let you put all your gears comfortably.
  2. Rugged and Portable: This model is tough as nails thanks to its robust, molded resin building. The comfortable handle allows you to carry it wherever you want.
  3. It brings almost everything: The BCB-60 Pedalboard comes equipped with patch leads, connectors, patch cables, and an integrated power supply.

You might not like this:

  1. Maybe not for everybody: Some pedals won’t fit in the BOSS BCB-60, and that it is designed to suit boss pedals.
  2. Low-quality accessories: The latches to open the tap of the board are not of the highest quality.



#3 Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1 Pedalboard

If you like a cool, lightweight, rigid, and rugged construction board, then the Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1 may be the perfect one for you. The updated 2019 Warwick RockBoard pedalboard series is based on the 2018 Warwick Series. This series was redesigned, it brings many more innovations, making the new Warwick 2019 Series some of the best pedalboards out there. 

Warwick created a guitar pedalboard that is light, stable, and with a powder-black surface thanks to its high-quality aluminum construction and excellent finish. The Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1 is proof of RockBoard improvement upon already solid past designs. 

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Mounting up to 5 to 10 standard-sized pedals shouldn’t be a problem because the RockBoard TRES 3.1 brings a wide space to let you organize and play your stompbox comfortably.

You can be securing your pedals thanks to the QuickMount Plates System design. The Warwick RockBoard brings you an innovative, slot-based design that can work well with both options. With standard mounting solutions and with the new RockBoard QuickMount Plates System.

You can now see that the Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1 pedalboards are serious candidates to be considered. But Let’s see now some other benefits that make this one of the best guitar pedalboards available in the market:

  • Innovative slot-based design: this clever innovation will let you hide cables easily and obtain a clean and tidy design.
  • You can stomp as hard as you want: This board needs no welded seams, thanks to the Warwick design of only one folded cold-rolled aluminum sheet for the board frame.
  • More board space: The RockBoard TRES 3.1 brings you a huge board surface, completely plain, and gives you more board space with your acquisition.
  • Hide cables easily: The board slots also let you easily hide cables underneath the surface for a need and tidy setup.
  • Space for big multi-effects pedals: The size of these effects monsters will not be an issue anymore because the RockBoard TRES 3.1 has room enough for those larger digital, multi-effects pedals.
  • A size for every taste: The Warwick pedalboards series count with seven different sizes ranging from 18 1/8″ to 40 3/16″.

When you have been using pedalboards for a while, you serially discovered that power supplies are a big deal in this matter. RockBoard TRES 3.1 allows for a multitude of power supply mounting solutions.

Warwick succeeded in doing clever work with power supply solutions. These can be mounted on the bottom of the unit, and you can easily adjust the height to your preference. Almost any power supply can be mounted under the board surface, or you can use the optional RockBoard Tray universal power supply mounting solution.

You’ll love this:

  1. Gig-bag: It comes with a gig-bag with a shoulder strap and an all-important accessories pocket. But if you need something more rugged, you can get a soft case for some extra bucks.
  2. Great space and excellent design: The vast space for approx. 5 to 10 pedals, the innovative power supply mounting, and the slotted design for easy guitar pedal mounting make the RockBoard TRES 3.1 a well-thought solution for effects pedal organization.
  3. It will neither bend nor move: Thanks to its strength of one sheet of cold-rolled aluminum construction. Additionally, the U-shaped vertical support braces give additional stability without adding extra weight.

You might not like this:

  1. Construction details: The weak part of the RockBoard TRES 3.1 can be minor details like it has narrow rails at front and back, and there is a slight gap in the area between the lid and the bottom.



#4 Pedaltrain Metro 16 Pedalboard

Maybe you want a guitar pedalboard small enough you can carry it with you on a flight in any US airline. Its size, along with its versatility and road-tough construction, makes the Pedaltrain Metro 16 Pedalboard an excellent option and one of the best pedalboards available.

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The Metro 16 is a great aluminum board. Its compact design will let you throw it in the nylon shoulder bag and go to the studio or the garage practice. This version comes with a padded Cordura nylon gig bag to give you some protection when you need to store or transport your board.

The Pedaltrain Metro 16 compact board is a good choice thanks to all the benefits listed benefits:

  • A rugged design board: When you want a robust design with a secure platform to mount your pedals. Pedaltrain is a great pedalboard; they are virtually indestructible and built to last.
  • The best for smaller pedals: When you have a smaller pedal configuration or when you need a flat, low-profile design that saves space over angled-board designs.
  • Open-frame designs: Pedaltrain pedalboards present their unique open-frame designs that provide greater flexibility when configuring your effects’ layout.
  • Over two or three pedals: When you have accumulated over two or three pedals, a board becomes a cable management requirement.
  • Lifetime warranty: This board comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. Each Pedaltrain is cut, welded, and finished by the hands of the best specialists in the field.
  • Urban settings or tight spaces: Musicians who live or work in urban environments or tight spaces will appreciate Metro’s low profile and horizontal orientation.
  • Durable and Fault-free: Pedaltrain offers great durability in the smaller and more portable format. Besides, the Metro 16 has no moving parts, screws, or anything that can fail.

Pedaltrain’s three-rail pedal board system gives you space for all the essentials. This rail system’s open design is ideal for the easy reach of pedals, and it is perfect for mounting from the smallest to the biggest.

The Metro 16 includes 48 inches of Pedaltrain’s proprietary hook and loop tape to keep your pedals in place. Pedaltrain forgot nothing and included zip cable ties to prevent you from getting headaches disentangling messy cables.

You’ll love this:

  1. Ultra-lightweight:  The Pedaltrain Metro 16 Pedalboard is ultra-light with an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. Its revolutionary and simple aluminum construction gives you an incredibly adaptable platform for what you’re putting on stage.
  2. Minimum risk of disconnection: Connecting cables can be neatly routed through the open slots in the top surface area. This feature keeps the risk of possible accidental disconnection to a minimum. Pedals may be added, removed, or rearranged quickly and easily.
  3. Mount almost any pedals: You can easily and securely mount virtually any effects pedal, volume pedal, wah pedal, or other devices such as power supply, power strip, direct box, channel switcher, or wireless receiver.

You might not like this:

  1. Power supplies’ size problem: You can experience problems with most non-Pedaltrain power supplies because they may be too big for the Metro 16.



#5 Gator GPT PRO PWR Pedalboard

If your eyes are in search of heavy-duty and spacious pedalboards, then maybe the Gator GPT PRO PWR is the one for you because this brutal pedal home can house and power up to 11 pedals.

When you need an all-in-one pedalboard solution, the Gator brings a big board with a power supply included. It has a plywood construction within a nylon padded gig bag.

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The Gator comes with a pre-mounted G-BUS-8 power supply with eight 9V and three 18V outputs. And if it wasn’t enough, if you need it, there’s more room to mount another G-BUS-8.

These are some of the Gator GPT PRO PWR Pedalboard benefits:

  • Great size and extra pockets:  The Gator GPT-PRO pedalboard is 16″ x 30″, and its bag has an adjustable padded shoulder strap and two external accessory pockets for cables.
  • Two G-BUS-8 Power Supplies: The Gator GPT-PRO pedalboard comes with 2 sets of 4 holes on the board that support mounting two G-BUS-8 Power Supplies.
  • Velcro covered: The face of the board is covered with Velcro for attaching guitar pedals. Besides, pedals attachment Velcro is included.
  • Nylon bag included: The Gator GPT-PRO pedalboard is a pro-size unit with a carry handle that slides into a black 600-denier nylon padded carry bag.

The Gator Tolex finishing gives this board an extra life duration. Tolex is a flexible, waterproof, vinyl material used as a cover material for books, upholstery, guitar amplifiers, and other products.

You’ll love this:

  1. Robust built-in handle: The built-in handle on the pedalboard can take the weight thanks to Gator’s heavy-duty construction.
  2. Velcro tapes: It comes with plenty of Velcro tape for fastening pedals, and the spacious accessory pockets on the carry bag are extra handy.
  3. Access holes: The Gator has access holes for cables to run below the board. These holes are used to utilize four supplied mounting screws for the Gator g-bus. But you can use comparable sized multi-output power supplies too.

You might not like this:

  1. Not aluminum construction: Although the Gator has durable plywood covered in Tolex construction. It may not be as durable and strong as an aluminum one.



Most Asked Questions About Best Pedalboards

What pedals should every guitarist have?

You already know there are a lot of guitar pedals out there. But we can put down a handful of essential pedals that every guitarist should have.

Overdrive pedals are commonly used in blues, rock, and country. These pedals boost the signal to a certain level that distorts the signal due to the higher gain.

Distortion pedals are like overdrive pedals on steroids, and they are used mostly for playing metal, heavy rock, and punk music.

Wah-pedals can be used to create many types of tones and effects, and it is versatile.

Delay pedals are used for creating an echo where the audio signal received by the pedal is looped multiple times in adjustable intervals.

Phaser pedals take an input signal sine wave, duplicates it, and moves it out of phase. The phaser then recombines the sine waves, and the difference between their peaks and troughs creates that noted phased sound.

Flanger pedals work in the same way as the phaser, but instead of sweeping over the entire 360 degrees, the shifted frequency is spaced in intervals.

Chorus pedals split the signal into two as the phaser and flanger do, but instead of shifting the second signal completely, it is only pitched slightly.

What is the best order to put guitar effects pedals in?

There can be confusing finding the best order to put your guitar effects pedals, with all the types of pedals available. Setting up your effect signal daisy chain may be confusing and not a simple thing to do.

Each method of connecting your signal chain can provide different sonic results. There is no wrong way to do it, but below I’ll give you suggestions of common effect placement for makes it easy the pedalboard setups:

Dynamics pedals like compressors, filter pedals as Wah-Wah pedals, and pitch shifter pedals typically go at the beginning of the signal chain. Next, it is best to put gain-based effects such as overdrive/distortion pedals.

Following these commonly come modulation effects such as Chorus, Flangers, or Phasers. Delays and Reverbs work best at the end of the signal chain. Finally, volume pedals can go at the beginning or end of your signal chain.

How big of a pedalboard do I need?

When you first think about buying a new pedalboard and seeing the different sizes available for the purchase, you will hesitate. To know which board you need, it is crucial to ask yourself essential questions.

Below are important points to consider before buying the best pedalboard for you:

  1. Knowing how many pedals you have right now and how many pedals you would like in the future in your pedalboard is an essential point.
  2. When you ask yourself, how many pedals should I have? Remember, it’s always better to buy a larger board to have some free room for future acquisitions.
  3. Another critical point is to know where you usually play. Playing at home or in the studio will let you use larger configurations due to the lack of transportation needs. But you need something portable and weightless if you are constantly moving around. In these cases, the right option for you may be a medium-size board with a hard case.
  4. Finally, to know the approximate dimensions for your board, you need to measure your gear. Take your pedals and place them on the floor with your desired layout. Don’t put them close and add extra space for the pedals you may soon have. Then simply measure the area used by your effect pedals on the floor. Now you have an accurate idea of the optimal dimensions for your future pedalboard.

Do you need a power supply for a pedal board?

So, you already have several pedals spread across your pedalboard. It seems that time comes for you. You now must upgrade from 9v batteries to a more solid form of power, The Power Supply.

These devices are excellent and reliable because they put the correct voltage through your pedal all the time. They won’t let you down on stage if there is a supply of power coming through the mains.

For powering many pedals, 9V batteries are notably unreliable, especially if you aspire to be a professional musician.

Power Supply has particularly important benefits such as:

  • You can leave your pedals plugged in, and it won’t sap any power.
  • A power supply saves time as it’s a simple plugin and play.
  • It cleans up your board of power adapters.
  • You switch it on, and they just work.

Top Picks

Now I will reveal my Top Picks to make as easiest as possible your task of choosing The Best Pedalboard for you. It’s a really exciting moment, so let’s discover the Top Picks.

3rd Place: Pedaltrain Metro 16

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00XNR0AM0&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=allstringed 20&language=en US

Pedaltrain Metro 16

The Pedaltrain Metro 16 Pedalboard is the best option for those who want a small enough board to carry it on a flight. It is ultra-light, versatile, has a road-tough construction.

It has a durable and straightforward aluminum construction that will give you an adaptable platform for what you’re putting on stage.

You can add, remove, or rearrange easily and securely virtually any effects pedal. This is why I name the Pedaltrain Metro 16 Pedalboard my Second Runner-up.

2nd Place: Voodoo Lab Dingbat

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Voodoo Lab Dingbat

The Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard is a convenient solution for organizing your pedals that can be easily transported and configured. It comes with a Pedal Power 2 Plus power supply already mounted onboard and its own padded gig bag.

The Dingbat is a great option for mounting 8 to 12 pedals, depending on their size. You have plenty of space to organize the cables underneath the unit, and it includes some adhesive Hook and loop fasteners.

Thanks to its superior aircraft-grade aluminum construction, it is lightweight, very stable, and hard thanks to the careful consideration put into its construction. Because of all of it, I name the Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedalboard as my Runner-up.

Winner: Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07G9MPDGK&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=allstringed 20&language=en US

Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1

The Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1 Pedalboard is lightweight, stable, and it has a great quality aluminum construction. You will achieve to mount up to 5 to 10 standard-sized pedals. The RockBoard TRES 3.1 delivers a wide space to let you organize your effects pedals easily.

RockBoard will let you secure your pedals with two methods. With the standard mounting solutions and with the new RockBoard QuickMount Plates System. Thanks to the innovative slot-based design, you will obtain a clean and tidy design by hiding cables easily.

It allows for the use of a multitude of power supply mounting solutions. These can be mounted on the bottom of the unit, and you can easily adjust the height to your preference. It brings a large bag with a shoulder strap and a big accessories pocket. And you can also get a hard case for some extra bucks.

Finally, The RockBoard TRES 3.1 is strong because of its one sheet of cold-rolled aluminum construction. Additionally, the U-shaped vertical support braces give additional stability without adding extra weight.

Thanks to all these benefits, I want to name the Warwick RockBoard TRES 3.1 Pedalboard as The Winner.


Pedalboards are useful tools when you have several effects pedals spread across the floor, or you need to carry them from home to the studio or the stage. Pedalboards are the perfect way to organize and carry your pedals without a doubt.

Now that you have learned a lot about pedalboards, you can recognize a power supply, a soft case from a hard case, and many other important things. So, you have all the data you need to judge which one is the best according to your taste, the pedals you have, and the ones you plan to own.

While writing this article, I was thinking about helping you find the option that fits your needs better. I have selected what I consider the best options according to my viewpoint. I hope you have enjoyed the article and that I have helped you discover which one is the best pedalboard for you.

Damián Furfuro

Damián Furfuro

Damián is an author of All Stringed. He started playing with an electric guitar when he was 14 as a self-taught boy at home. He has almost 30 years of experience playing electric and acoustic guitar. You can find more about him here.


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