Gibson Learn And Master Guitar Review

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Welcome to my Gibson Learn And Master Guitar Review!

Here you will find everything you need to know about this great guitar course from Gibson.

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About the course

No man is an island, we all need help and guidance. So when it comes to learning master guitar, it’s very useful to have someone to look for and ask for help. That’s why today I’ll talk about the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar program. I’ll make a review of it and talk from the point of view of someone that has been searching online for days all type of information about this program. 

With all the material that I have been reading and all that I have been learning, I’ll describe the course, tell you what’s inside, for whom this course is, and its Pros and Cons. I’ll talk about if it’s worth it, what are the online courses alternatives out there, and finally, I try to make a conclusion of all that I’ll share here.

Learn and Master Guitar seems to me to be a good program. It comes with a lot of o material to learn and master guitar, in the form of a pack of 20 DVDs with 40 hours of instruction, 5 audio jam alone CDs, and a lesson book with more than a hundred pages. The lessons are divided into 3 parts: play along sections, video tips sections, and practice sections. It’s important to think that if Gibson endorses a product like this, there is surely something good in it because a good major company like this wouldn’t do it for anything. 

It’s kind of a concise experience, you can watch the DVD course as if you have a guitar instructor in the room with you. It seems a severe and well-planned program. You can see it as a learning method like you have years of guitar lessons together in a simple package, instead of paying expensive classes with a particular teacher.

What’s inside?

It’s important to highlight in this review that inside this package, you’ll find maybe the world’s best DVD-based guitar course. It was made oriented to the aspiring guitarist, that are at the very beginning of their learning process, but with a clear direction of accompanying them till a master level of skill. 

Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar is really a multi-modal learning experience because you’ll have a lot of material to read, lessons to watch, examples for listening, and a lot of exercises to be done. This method is far from those that claim themselves to help you just learn master guitar overnight. Because this was made to give you world-class guitar lessons, doing it in a very comprehensive level. This is a real multimedia guitar training.

The set contains 20 DVDs with 40 hours of instruction. They are recorded at a better quality than you can expect from a DVD format. The instructor of this video training is Steve Krenz. And he knows how to teach a lesson. He’ll take your hand and take you to a nice ride through step by step lessons. He has a training method that makes it easy for viewers to correct any mistake that you can make as you advance from lesson to lesson. 

Steve Krenz is easy to understand. This is very important because it makes the learning experience much easier. You’ll see that he knows how to play the styles he is teaching. Too many teachers try to teach certain styles without mastering it and making a poor presentation of the style they try to show as a result. 

The jam along CDs are a great plus in this package. These are tools to help you take your skills to the next level. Listening to these audio jams, you can learn master guitar techniques, and you’ll be able to put these techniques to use. These five jam along CDs will leave you room to improvise, that’ll help you test your knowledge and build further skills from it.

The lesson book with more than a hundred pages is well made. This outlines each lesson in full detail. If you leave something without learning properly, you can focus on the lesson you have trouble with thanks to this valuable written content. This lesson book includes full tablatures too.

Finally, you’ll have access to an online student support site. It quite simply works well, and you can get help from it for each lesson. On this website, you can talk to other members, because there is a whole community they have created.

Who is this course for?

If you have been walking by my side till here in this review, you surely are asking if this course is right for you. Based on my research, I can tell you that this course is made for those out there who want serious guitar lessons. This course is designed for beginners, it’ll take you from the basics of guitar learning, and as far as you choose to go through the path of mastering your style.

Learn and Master Guitar is undoubtedly a very comprehensive multimedia training course for guitar. You’ll be not alone because there is a student support forum, which is an integral part of the learning process. The instructors are in the forum every day for you when you have questions. 

This course will help you learn the principles of reading guitar tab, music theory, and technique. Gibson wants you to enjoy while learning with its Learn and Master Guitar course. And you’ll be able to do it form the comfort of your own home and using your time the way it’s the most suitable for you. 

This method of learning is a good one when you are a busy adult. A formal schooling approach is often out of the question, private lessons are commonly very expensive, and you need free time to go to them. Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar mission here is to make difficult guitar skills accessible, and they do it through multimedia self-education courses. So you can follow the lessons in an easy to follow step by step method. You’ll have everything you need in one single place with all the help you’ll need to achieve it.

Pros and Cons

The most important advantage is that this course will not only guide you through beginners’ lessons but well into the advanced ones that will help you master your instrument as well. I think that you need to look at it from a long term view because you are investing in a year’s worth of instructions for $249. When you can be paying a lot more for a private instructor, maybe up to $200 per month ($2400/year). You have to keep in mind that you also get an awesome resource to use as a reference for years to come.

But to be more realistic, maybe the downside of this course can be its price. You get a lot of material, but it is fairly pricey for most musicians. 

Where to buy

You can get the Gibson Learn and Master DVD course on the Learn & Master website.

Is it worth it

I leave here a list of some of the topics covered by this course: The Basics, Reading Music, Chords, Scales, Styles, Soloing. When you put all this material over the table, then you can see that it’s a good option for beginner players. It covers the basics making a very thorough job. You’ll advance at your own speed from lesson to lesson. 

So I must recommend you to look into some other online membership websites instead if you’re an advanced or intermediate player. That being said, many people that play guitar can still benefit from all the information here. There are a lot of different styles of playing guitar, which is covered that many non-beginners might not know about.

Alternatives and other online courses

If I think in terms of the method of delivery, not in terms of the content, this program is a little outdated. I think that the content is not outdated because the way the guitar is played hasn’t changed.  There are so many courses created 10 or 15 years ago that are still useful today. Always talking in terms of the content.

But after researching many different online guitar lesson methods, I have to say that the delivery of this course through DVDs is very outdated and it’s kind of uncomfortable nowadays to depend on a DVD and a TV to access this kind of material. Of course, this doesn’t mean it can’t work, or that you’ll not find it useful. But with nowaday technology, there are other much better and more speed options to learn and master your guitar.

The other options that I’m referring to here are online membership sites like Guitar Tricks (read our full review of Guitar Tricks here). You can easily access these by an online membership website where you can watch the videos online, and you can forget about this apparatus box of 20 DVDs to access your lessons.  You login and get instant access to your video lessons without any problem.

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Now that we reach the end of the article, I would like to make a conclusion about the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar. I really appreciate the quality of this learning system. It has lessons that really put a lot of focus on guitar theory. While I was researching to make this article, I could see that there are a lot of learning systems in the market that don’t focus enough on music theory and reading music. I think that this course is exactly what you need if you’re a beginner or intermediate guitarist who doesn’t know how to read music. But I would suggest that you look into a different lesson program if you are an experienced guitar player or someone who can already read music.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the Gibson Learn and Master Guitar course.

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Damián is an author of All Stringed. He started playing with an electric guitar when he was 14 as a self-taught boy at home. He has almost 30 years of experience playing electric and acoustic guitar. You can find more about him here.

28 thoughts on “Gibson Learn And Master Guitar Review”

  1. Coming from a person that has had experience with guitars for 30 years, I do trust your review. This is definitely a course worth checking out.

  2. With so many online guitar courses out there today, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Much thanks for doing all the leg work and recommending one of the better ones.

  3. What I like most about this course is how comprehensive it is. With such a rich amount of content it should easily cover everything from beginner lessons to the more advanced stuff.

    • You’re right, Teddy. This course covers a lot of different topics and playing styles for beginners but also for advanced guitar players.

  4. I agree with you on the point about the delivery of the course being a little updated. A lot of things have moved to an online model nowadays.

    • There are pros and cons for each model – subscription versus one time payment. Online models are mostly subscription based. I, personally, prefer sometimes one time payments where I own the product forever.

  5. I wish they could upload all the videos to their site and have people paying for some kind of subscription model. That would be so much more convenient.

    • Yes, a DVD course is a bit outdated. But on the other hand, with a DVD course you don’t need a computer or an internet connection. And there is no monthly or annual subscription – could also be a good advantage!

  6. Learn and master the guitar will be a good course for me to take especially in this pandemic. I wouldn’t mind going through this course.

    • Thank you very much for your compliment, Meldred Judith! If you already have a guitar learning program, stick with that. Only change, when you finished the program or when you get stuck and need some new inspiration.

  7. Hi 😀 I was wondering if this covers mostly everything a guitar teacher in person would cover? Is this comprehensive of everything a person needs to know about guitar? Thanks!

    • Hi John. Thank you for your question. Learning guitar is a lifelong journey, and you can always learn something new. The Gibson Learn And Master Guitar course covers mostly what a guitar teacher in person would teach you. It’s made as a substitution of in-person classes. Of course, a lesson with a real person is more interactive than a DVD course. But if you take this course, you will know a lot about how to play guitar at the end. And from there it’s a personal preference which skills you want to improve or which additional technique you want to learn.


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