Best Chorus Pedal: Top 5 Picks To Harmonize Your Guitar Rig!

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Welcome guitar effects pedals enthusiast!

There’s just something magical about analog chorus pedals. I encourage you to get one if you still don’t have a good one in your effects chain.

But you need to know some essential things about them before buying one online. If you’re still unsure which unit will be the best chorus pedal for your needs, check out the sections below.

Here’s my review of the 5 best chorus pedals available on the market today. So, let’s go directly to my selection of the Best Chorus Pedals.

Quick Overview

Our Top 3 Choices For Best Chorus Pedals

Boss CE-2W Waza Craft
Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

Boss’s iconic 1976 CE-1 was one of the best chorus pedals of all times, and the CE-2 Chorus, the CE-1 later compact-sized manifestation, defined the sound of the chorus during the ’70s and ’80s.

MXR M234 Analog Chorus
Overall Rating: 4.6/5

MXR M234 Analog Chorus

The M234 compactness makes it a pedalboard-friendly pedal. It is a chorus pedal that brings all the power of a true analog bucket brigade technology onboard.

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
Overall Rating: 4.4/5

TC Electronic Corona Chorus

TC Electronic’s chorus pedal has a remarkable history of over 25 years in the market. They are an industry-standard in the present days due to their incredible dynamic range and lack of noise.

The 5 Best Chorus Pedals to Harmonize your Signal Chain!

#1. Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

Boss’s iconic 1976 CE-1 was one of the best chorus pedals of all times, and the CE-2 Chorus, the CE-1 later compact-sized manifestation, defined the sound of the chorus during the ’70s and ’80s.

We can see the Boss CE-2W is a game-changer. Vintage chorus experts and players will find in it the smoothest chorus effects known.

The CE-2W is three chorus pedals in one. It combines the CE-2 iconic chorus pedal sounds along with the chorus and vibrato sections of the CE-1.

Boss has combined the classic effects of the CE-1 & 2 inside the CE-2W and has added a few new features along the way.

Let’s see the main features that the Boss CE-2W chorus brings to you:

  • A mini-toggle provides a selection of CE-2 chorus, CE-1 Chorus, and vibrato effects.
  • The rate and depth controls, and a bright red LED.
  • A second 1/4-inch stereo output jack that delivers stereo chorus.
  • A silver battery hatch screw just like the first version of the CE-2.
  • The color of the original baby blue paint.

The tiny mini-toggle switch is the key to the CE-2W’s versatility. On the left is the standard position for smooth CE-2 sounds, but you have to shift it over to the middle and the right point to get the CE-1’s classical high-quality chorus and vibrato effects.

Comparing the original CE-2 next to the CE-2W shows the same sound experienced between the original product and its reissue.

The Boss CE-2W chorus pedal delivers that distinct Boss chorus that you surely have heard on classic recordings from The Pretenders, Rush, or Metallica.

The CE-1 chorus setting produces deeper chorus effects with more sense of space and depth and a slightly more pronounced modulation. The CE-1 vibrato setting is amazing and produces a warm warble.

You’ll love this:

  1. Despite being an analog chorus pedal, the CE-2W is notably low-noise.
  2. It retains the three-dimensional nature of Boss’s legendary originals without messing with your guitar’s tone.
  3. The CE-2W definitively nails the sounds of both the legendary Boss CE-1 & 2, combining the chorus and vibrato effects.
  4. Thanks to its analog circuitry and its bucket-brigade delay chips, the sound of the Boss Waza Craft CE-2W is as authentic as can be.
  5. It can run from a 9V battery or with a DC adaptor power supply.

You might not like this:

  1. It can be a little more expensive than the rest of the chorus pedals in this article.


  • Arousing ensemble performance.
  • Iconic BBD tones.
  • Low noise.
  • More versatile than the originals.


  • Not cheap.

#2. MXR M234 Analog Chorus

MXR M234 Analog Chorus

If you are searching for a high customizable analog chorus pedal, the MXR M234 may be the perfect addition to your guitar rig, and it is definitely among the best chorus pedals of our time.

The M234 compactness makes it a pedalboard-friendly pedal. It is a chorus pedal that brings all the power of a true analog bucket brigade technology onboard.

You will enjoy the high-quality analog chorus effects in a compact, easy-to-operate unit. The M-234 comes housed in a tough, lightweight, and compact aluminum chassis.

The chorus effect is a classic sound that has been around for decades, and the M-234 controls are handy for mixing your dry and wet signal.

The MXR M234 has a five-control layout featuring Low and High EQ controls and Level-Rate-Depth for best versatility:

  • The Level-Rate-Depth controls give a wide range of classical chorus tones.
  • The Level knob adds that effect boost that your sound needs sometimes.
  • The two EQ knobs let you manage the tone in amazing ways.

The M-234 can sound like an analog flanger with a little manipulation of the depth and rate controls. With the volume rolled back, you can get a tone nearly identical to the intro of “Hear About It Later” from Van Halen.

The most interesting aspect of this pedal lies in the Rate-Depth control, as they offer a great range of handling to go from subtle to extreme space effects.

The level control is excellent for adding a pinch of chorus if you don’t want to dominate your sound with wash.

You can dial in the right amount of presence and depth thanks to the High and Low EQ’s nice addition.

You’ll love this:

  1. The MXR M234 is a high-quality and versatile box for those looking to add an excellent chorus to their pedalboard.
  2. It delivers great flexibility for contemporary settings as well as a ’60s-style Leslie wash.
  3. The M234 is a well-designed stompbox created to move beyond the most commonplace applications.
  4. Don’t hesitate to buy it if you want retro analog circuitry chorus tones that need a great modulation range.
  5. It can run from a 9V battery or with a DC adaptor power supply.

You might not like this:

  1. It may not be your perfect option if you are still trying to forget the ‘80s.


  • Small footprint for a five-knob pedal.
  • An adaptable piece of kit.
  • Useful tone controls.
  • Compact.


  • Four-screw to access the battery.

#3. TC Electronic Corona Chorus

TC Electronic Corona Chorus

If you want to give your sound a little depth, the TC Electronic Corona Chorus pedal is definitely among the best digital chorus pedals on the market. This compact guitar effect pedal is definitely the best TC Electronic chorus pedal right now.

TC Electronic’s chorus pedal has a remarkable history of over 25 years in the market. They are an industry-standard in the present days due to their incredible dynamic range and lack of noise.

It has TC’s Toneprint technology so that you can download some juicy chorus sounds created by some of your favorite guitarists directly onto your pedal.

The Corona Chorus is great for those who like their chorus and need several different types for the music they play.

The Corona will stand by you no matter what happens, thanks to the two different chorus settings. The classic and well-known TC Electronic Tri-Chorus, and a custom TonePrint setting.

The Speed-Depth-Fx level-Tone knobs have an excellent design that will let you tweak it to your personal taste:

  • The Speed knob lets you dial in anything from slow ’80s chorusing to fast Leslie-like sounds.
  • The Depth knob sets the intensity of the sound.
  • The Tone knob allows you to dial in the chorus exactly how you like it.
  • The FX Level determines how much of the signal with the effect is added to the dry sound.
  • The 3-position toggle is a really cool feature that will let you select between standard chorus, TonePrint, and the TriChorus setting.

TC Electronic ensured to design a great-sounding chorus, and they made the quality shine through in all the available sounds.

The TriChorus setting of the Corona Chorus, which consists of three choruses working simultaneously, gives you access to a great-sounding effect.

Corona Chorus offers great stereo chorus tones right out of the box that works best in stereo. The relationship between the three choruses can be manipulated in order to get a truly celestial chorus effect.

TonePrint allows you to download custom tunings made by your favorite guitarists. You do it straight into your pedal, easy, free, and fast via a simple USB-connection.

The TonePrint iPhone App allows users to switch TonePrint by choosing the TonePrint in question from a library in-app and then transfer that information to the pedal.

You can change your TonePrint settings just by holding your iPhone up to your guitar pickups. The app can send the right magnetic pulse through your pickups down your guitar cable to your TonePrint enabled pedal.

You’ll love this:

  1. The Corona brings two very different chorus effects in a single pedal.
  2. The pedal really produces a unique, vast chorus.
  3. The FX level knob is a great addition that will let you add a subtle touch of the chorus to your tone.
  4. A compact digital chorus pedal can run from a 9V battery or with a DC adaptor power supply.

You might not like this:

  1. You will need a screwdriver to remove the pedal baseplate and access the Battery.


  • Two distinct chorus flavors.
  • TonePrint enabled.
  • Produce subtle blends.


  • Not for analog chorus fans.

#4. Walrus Audio Julia V2

Walrus Audio Julia V2

The Walrus Audio Julia V2 is an analog chorus/vibrato pedal made in the USA. Even if you think you don’t like chorus, you can be surprised with the Julia V2 outstanding sound.

Walrus Audio has brought something completely new to the table, providing more than just the ubiquitous rate and depth controls with its Julia Chorus and Vibrato pedal.

Walrus Audio has a hard-won reputation for delivering an inspiring range of pedals covering many sonic territories. The Julia is its own chorus/vibrato in a pedalboard-friendly format.

The control layout of the Julia V2 offers:

  • The usual Rate-Depth controls will give you plenty to dial in, including some modulation choices that other pedals can’t provide.
  • The mini-toggle will let you choose sine or triangle LFO waveforms.
  • The D-C-V knob (Dry-Chorus-Vibrato) selects the mixture between dry, chorus, and vibrato effects. It delivers a great range of blends between these three effects.
  • The Lag knob determines the center delay time that the LFO modulates from.

The Julia V2 will fit perfectly on your pedalboard with its top-mounted jacks. The soft switch bypassing makes the pedal engaging pop-free.

The chorus effect is smooth, subtle, and organic-sounding. The triangle waveform is less subtle but still of very high quality. As you move into the vibrato section, it bends towards more unknown territories.

The lag knob is handy to obtain extreme chorus tones. It may be a little too much for some players, but it’s still a great addition to this pedal.

The second LED is beneficial because it gives a constant flashing indication of the chorus/vibrato’s current rate.

The Julia V2 offers its classic texture and grants higher versatility than the average chorus box. The blend knob maintains the purity of attack while you can explore more heavily modulated textures.

It has a standard size and runs on nine-volt power but has no battery option.

You’ll love this:

  1. It has two LEDs; the left one is the standard bypass indication, while the right one flashes in time to the LFO speed.
  2. The knobs have integral white lines to show their position clearly.
  3. A fully analog chorus that invites the exploration.
  4. It can run only with a DC adaptor power supply.

You might not like this:

  1. A purely mono pedal.
  2. Has no battery option.


  • Classic analog sound.
  • Adjustable dry blend offers many options between dry, chorus, and vibrato.
  • Lag knob to vary the richness.
  • LFO-synced LED.


  • No stereo chorus.

#5. Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus

Electro Harmonix Small Clone Chorus Pedal

Kurt Cobain played Nirvana’s “Come as You Are” riff with this powerful pedal. Many have said that the Electro Harmonix Small Clone chorus was the secret weapon of Kurt Cobain after that happened.

The Small Clone can be recommended to anyone from light pop to heavy metal players in need of a chorus. This pedal is straightforward to use and really versatile. It will allow you to acquire a solid sound and will let you find the position that suits you best.

This straightforward chorus pedal from Electro Harmonix offers a top-notch chorus effect sound, enabling you to achieve a signature tone while focusing on your playing. This analog stompbox features an organic and classic chorus tone.

The Small Clone comes equipped with:

  • Rate control knob.
  • Depth two-way switch.
  • A master on/off foot-switch.
  • Input / Output jacks.
  • A LED status indicator.
  • Analog True Bypass.

You can easily handle it with only two controls, the Rate knob and the Depth switch:

  • The Depth switch controls the intensity level of the chorus effect. When you switch it on, the Small Clone will deliver a more notable effect in the mix. The higher option provides more pitch modulation, while the lower option gives more shallow and mellow.
  • The Rate knob is pretty basic, and it adjusts the speed of the chorus and its presence in the mix. As you turn it clockwise, it will deliver a more prominent and more swirly tone.

The Small Clone is a strong and well-built pedal that can support some rough handling and stomping. Electro Harmonix has definitely done a good job creating a stompbox that can really last a lifetime.

The pedal can be handled to provide from rich dimensional chorus to genuine pulsating warbles. The sound is natural, organic, and the level of noise is quite low.

You’ll love this:

  1. One of the best options when it comes to select classic chorus pedals.
  2. It has everything you would need and a bit more.
  3. It is simple enough to be configured in a matter of seconds.
  4. It delivers versatile sonic results.
  5. It can run from a 9V battery or with a DC adaptor power supply.

You might not like this:

  1. It might seem like a one-trick pony at first glance.


  • Can add thickness to your tone.
  • Noise-free.
  • High-Quality sound.
  • Truly dynamic effect.


  • It can produce a small pop when it is activated.

Best Chorus Pedals Most Asked Questions

What is the best Boss chorus pedal?

The Boss’s iconic CE-1 Chorus Ensemble unit is definitely between the best chorus pedals of all times. Some chorus experts may prefer the CE-2 Chorus, the CE-1 later compact-sized incarnation.

But nowadays, there are mainly three Boss pedals that capture all the attention: the CE-2W, the DC-2W Dimension C, and the MD-500.

Let see which one may be the best taking the different benefits that each one can offer us:

  1. The CE-2W Waza Craft is the best analog chorus pedal for experienced guitar players. Part of this well gained reputation may be based on the fact that the Boss CE-2W Waza Craft combines the classic CE-1 & 2 chorus pedals’ sounds.
  2. The Boss DC-2W Dimension C is an updated version of the original Boss Dimension C that was a stereo chorus that used two parallel analog BBD paths to create its sound. The DC-2W features an intuitive four-button preset interface and has electronic switching that delivers many sonic variations not available on the vintage units.
  3. Boss has called the Boss MD-500 a “monster mod machine,” and it really seems more like a multi-effect pedalboard than just a chorus pedal. It is ultra-versatile and delivers nearly any type of modulation effect you can imagine. It includes 28 different algorithms offering a nearly limitless sound palette to create with.

You can decide which seems better for your taste and playing style. I choose the Boss CE-2W Waza Craft. I think that it offers the best mix between a classical simple analog chorus pedal and a very tweakable device that will let you handle your sound as you want it.

Do I really need a chorus pedal?

Chorus is one of the modulation pedal family’ members, along with phaser and flanger pedals. The distinct tonal qualities of a chorus pedal can create the sound of two instruments playing simultaneously.

It is obtained by taking your source signal, doubling it, and setting the second signal slightly out of tune and time with the first. Depending on how you set the effect’s rate and depth, you can create sounds textures that range from rotary-speaker-like to watery warbles.

If you want a guitar effect pedal that adds a beautiful richness to your tone and makes your guitar sound like it is doubling what you’re playing, so you need a Chorus pedal.

What are chorus pedals used for?

Chorus pedals are used to thicken your dry guitar signal by copying it multiple times, coloring the copied signals, and playing them back slightly delayed.

So, we can say that a chorus pedal’s purpose is to color your signal enough to sound like a chorus of guitars playing.

A chorus effect sounds very similar to a 12-string guitar. It adds a superb richness to your tone that sounds like it is doubling what you’re playing.

Chorus pedals deliver an angelic and synthetic character that works especially great on clean tones, especially with arpeggiated chord progressions.

Where should I put my chorus pedal?

Here I will give you some handy suggestions for typical chorus pedal placement in a pedalboard.

Dynamics effect pedals, such as Compressors, filter pedals as Wah-Wah, and pitch shifters pedals usually go at the beginning of the signal chain.

Next, you need to put gain effects such as Overdrive or Distortion pedals. Chorus, flangers, and phasers are modulation effects pedals and come usually after in the chain.

The time-based effects such as delays and reverbs have been shown to work better at the end of the signal chain. Finally, volume pedals can go at the beginning or end of your signal chain.

Top Picks

Now it is time to choose my Top Picks from the article reviews. I will tell you which Chorus pedals are the most outstanding ones according to my taste with this selection.

3rd Place: TC Electronic Corona Chorus​

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
Overall Rating: 4.4/5

TC Electronic Corona Chorus

TC Electronic Corona Chorus pedal is the perfect option to give your sound a good dose of depth. It was made for those who need several different types of effects for the music they play.

As with most TC Electronic devices, this compact guitar effect pedal has an incredible dynamic range and lack of noise.

You can download custom chorus configurations directly onto your pedal, thanks to TC’s Toneprint technology. So, I name the TC Electronic Corona Chorus as my Second Runner-up.

2nd Place: MXR M234 Analog Chorus

MXR M234 Analog Chorus
Overall Rating: 4.6/5

MXR M234 Analog Chorus

The MXR M234 is definitely the perfect addition for guitar players searching for a high customizable analog chorus effect stompbox.

It is a great analog chorus pedal with a true analog bucket brigade technology onboard. You will enjoy an easy-to-operate and compact chorus effect pedal.

The MXR M234 is a high-quality and versatile box housed in a lightweight and tough aluminum chassis. I name the MXR M234 Analog Chorus as my Runner-up.

Winner: Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

Boss CE-2W Waza Craft
Overall Rating: 4.7/5

Boss CE-2W Waza Craft

With the CE-2W Waza Craft, Boss achieved to combine the classic chorus sounds of the Boss CE-2 along with the chorus and vibrato sections of another Boss classic chorus pedal, the CE-1.

The Boss Waza Craft CE-2 W sound is really authentic, thanks to its BBD (bucket-brigade delay) chips and its complete analog circuits.

The CE-2W combines the chorus and vibrato effects of these two legendary Boss chorus pedals, the Boss CE-1 and the Boss CE-2, but is way more versatile than the originals.

It is notably low-noise despite being an analog pedal. It retains a three-dimensional classic chorus tone without messing with your guitar’s tone. Thanks to all these benefits, I want to name the Boss CE-2W Waza Craft as The Winner of my Top Picks.


A chorus pedal can be one of the most classic and interesting effects you can have on your guitar rig.

Through this article, I make an effort to show you the most important benefits and features of five of the best chorus pedals to harmonize your signal chain.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, where I tried to show you the most trustworthy available models right now.

Now that you learned the most important aspects of these effect stompboxes, I encourage you to choose the best chorus pedal according to your requirements.

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