what kind of guitar does taylor swift play


An Iconic Trail Of Acoustic Pop: What Kind Of Guitar Does Taylor Swift Play

A lot of musicians can’t get around the fact that Taylor Swift is primarily a songwriter and a performer. Actually, Swift has never proclaimed she’s a professional guitarist. I’d say she’s proven brilliance in amassing popularity via her narrative songwriting, which focuses on the setbacks and affection stories she’s stumbled upon. She ingeniously pairs her …

what kind of guitar did bb king play


What Kind Of Guitar Did B.B. King Play?

It was 1949 in a flaring Arkansas dance hall when young legendary bluesman B.B. King learned that the fight that started the fire was over a woman named Lucille. Ever since that day, the king of blues started using the name “Lucille” for all his guitars, from Gibsons to Fender Telecasters. It’s important to keep …

What Kind of Guitar Does James Taylor Play


What Kind of Guitar Does James Taylor Play?

We’ve seen fire and we’ve seen rain, but we’re yet to see anyone come close to James Taylor’s unique interpretation of folk-rock music. Albums like Sweet Baby James, New Moon Shine, and Gorilla, just to name a few, will forever have a special place in the hearts and souls of many.  James Taylor can play …

What Kind of Guitar Does Garth Brooks Play


The Holy Grail of Steel Strings: What Kind of Guitar Does Garth Brooks Play

Back in 1996, Garth Brooks was readying up for his most sought-after world tour in Atlanta. The country legend was overhyped to throw his virtuosic albums “Fresh Horses” and “Sevens” to the masses.  He used to rock a Takamine EN15C for his records, including my all-time favorite “The Change” that still arouses the sentiments of …

what guitar does slash play


What Guitar Does Slash Play?

Slash is one of the most famous guitarists of all time. He is best known for being part of the legendary American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. In this article, I will tell you the story of Slash, and in the end, I will reveal what guitar does Slash play. The early life of …

who played guitar on beat it by michael jackson


Who Played Guitar On Beat It By Michael Jackson?

There are historical moments in the history of music, moments that make certain artists, songs, or records stand out. Today I will tell you about one moment that impacted the history of Rock and Pop music. This is the story of a great song, and I will reveal the secret of who played guitar on …

what kind of guitar did johnny cash play


One Guitar To Rule Them All: What Kind Of Guitar Did Johnny Cash Play?

If there ever was a pantheon of the greatest and most influential musicians to have ever walked this earth, the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, would certainly be at the high table. Unlike the many one-hit wonders of today, Cash’s discography flaunts numerous celebrated classics, from Ring of Fire and Folsom Prison Blues to I …

what kind of guitar does carlos santana play


One Guitar All Night Long: What Kind Of Guitar Does Carlos Santana Play

One day, I was lying on the couch, swiping through my playlist for something that would caress my ears. It was filled with monotonic tracks—until the guitars started speaking Spanish! Immediately, my ears attributed that mix of blues and salsa to the iconic Carlos Santana. Though Santana might not be your average virtuoso, his approach …