Can You Learn Guitar At Any Age? Discover How!

can you learn guitar at any age - adult playing acoustic guitar

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Some activities can only be done at a certain age. You may not be able to practice wrestling or climbing if you are too young, or if you no longer have the necessary strength. These activities demand a specific age, adequate physical condition, and a lot of training. But can you learn guitar at any age? Thank goodness you don’t have to meet that many requirements to learn guitar. And you can learn to play at any age.

In all my years of practice, I have had the privilege of seeing people of all ages learn guitar. From 3 or 4-year-old children to old people with a lot of youth in their hearts. To learn to play the guitar, you don’t need much more than the will to learn and get an instrument. As we mentioned in the article “What’s The Best Guitar To Learn On?“, you can start with a used or borrowed guitar. But the willingness to learn, that’s a thing that only you can put in.

What kind of guitar should you choose for your age?

The good thing about learning guitar is that there are many styles and models to choose from. It doesn’t matter the age to learn guitar. There is a guitar for every taste, for every age and for every size. Here at All Stringed, we will help you decide which model to choose. And you’ll find the right one for you regardless of your age, height, or musical taste.

If we start with age, perhaps the ideal guitar for a child is to start with a small size guitar. There are special models for children or small people (or people with small hands). Models of this size are usually acoustic or classical guitars. There is a manufacturer that produces some models of electric guitars for children too. But there is not much variety to choose from.

If you search online, you will see that the most common small guitar models are classical. There is also the possibility of starting with a Ukulele. But even though it is similar in shape to a guitar, it does not play the same way. It has 4 strings instead of 6, and it can be difficult to pass from the Ukulele to the guitar. Because as you move from one to the other, you will have to learn to play with a completely new instrument.

Teenagers and adults can choose from a variety of styles and models. In previous articles, we have already discussed the advantages of learning with an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. In this case, it is a matter of taste or choice and not size.

For older people, it may be more comfortable to start with a classical or acoustic guitar. But there is no limitation because if they prefer to play with an electric guitar, learning with this style has its advantages, as we discussed in this article.

Which learning method to choose according to your age?

I took my first steps with a guitar from the hand of a good friend. Then I took private lessons with a teacher, then studied for a couple of years at the music conservatory. But that was before the arrival of the Internet. Today, just by being online, you can access courses and lessons for all tastes. For young children, it is always important to be guided by an adult. A teacher who will guide them in the first knowledge and exercises. I do not advise a child to start learning only online.

I recommend that the parents always guide him and make him work with a teacher. At that time of life, the best way to learn is by playing games. Children respond better to the kind of teaching that is more like a game than a rigorous system. 

Teenagers and adults can always choose between different methods. An online course may be the best option for those who prefer to learn on their own. We have already discussed this in the article “The Best Way To Learn Guitar Online”, and we recommend this online course.

For older people, I also recommend the presence of a teacher to guide and help them. This can help to avoid bad habits that can generate discomfort in the postures and subsequent pain.

With whom to play guitar according to your age? Alone or accompanied?

The beauty of music is that it can be a personal and private activity, or it can be shared. Sharing has its unique benefits and can be a lot of fun. Depending on the age at which we are starting to learn the guitar, the companionship may be more important or necessary.

In childhood, it is best to do it accompanied, but not only when learning. Children enjoy sharing activities with their parents and friends. Playing the guitar can be a great excuse to spend more time with your children while you learn too.

If you’re a teenager, you might want to start out on your own. But as you progress and feel more confident in your playing, sharing your music will be very rewarding. You can choose to start with a friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Then you can take the plunge and form a band, and you can be sure that it will be very enjoyable.

As an adult, you may not want to show what you play to anyone until you feel more comfortable. It is something understandable, take your time, don’t hurry. Because the important thing is that you enjoy playing the guitar and don’t give up.

If you are an older person, you may want to play with friends. Its always nice to play guitar at meetings, or in the church as my mother does. Or you may prefer to play alone as a relaxing activity and in search of some peace and silence. In both cases, the important thing is that you enjoy it and keep practicing. 

Finals advice

So, can you learn guitar at any age? As you can see here, it doesn’t matter the age you have. What matters is that the more time you practice with your guitar, the more you will achieve, and the more you will enjoy it. It’ll generate a virtuous circle. The more you achieve, the better you feel, and the more you’ll want to play. And this works for all ages.

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