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guitar notes for beginners

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Guitar Notes For Beginners

Learning the notes of our guitar is something we can do without boring music theory lessons. As a start, it’s good to know that the guitar uses the same musical notes as the rest of the instruments. It’s also good to know that the notes on the fretboard are the same for all types of …

guitar finger exercises

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Guitar Finger Exercises – Play Faster With These Exercises

Playing the guitar is an activity that presents many difficulties for beginners when they start playing this instrument. The most common troubles that a beginner player experiments are note changes, fingers moving too slowly, not having control in the movement of the fingers, or not having coordination between both hands when playing. In this article, we will …

when to change electric guitar strings

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When To Change Electric Guitar Strings

We already know that the strings of our electric guitar are a key part of achieving a good sound. So we must make sure that they are in good condition and tuned so that our instrument sounds the way we want it to sound. But when we think about the strings, this question arises: when to change electric guitar …

how guitar amps work

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How Do Guitar Amps Work?

In this article, I will explain to you how guitar amps work. When you play an electric guitar, you need a guitar amplifier. The amp is the device that amplifies the audio signal that your electric guitar delivers through the microphones, selectors, keys, and audio output. This audio signal is generated in the coils of the pickups when …

what guitar pick should i use?

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What Guitar Pick Should I Use?

Choosing the right pick to play your guitar can have a vital influence on your musical performance. But it is one of the most often ignored aspects of the guitar world. As this is an important issue, in the following article, I will help you answer the question “What guitar pick should I use?”. What …

how do electric guitar pickups work

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How Do Electric Guitar Pickups Work?

If you are starting to play electric guitar, one of the things that will surely catch your attention is your guitar pickups. You will surely wonder, as I did when I started playing, how do electric guitar pickups work? In this article, we will explore together the exciting world of electric guitar pickups to understand in …

what guitar pedals do i need

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What Guitar Pedals Do I Need To Get The Perfect Sound?

I started playing electric guitar when I was a teenager. I didn’t know anything when I started. But as I progressed, I realized that the world of electric guitars was made up of many more elements than just guitars. First, there are many different types of guitars from which you can choose the ideal model for you. …

what guitar does slash play


What Guitar Does Slash Play?

Slash is one of the most famous guitarists of all time. He is best known for being part of the legendary American hard rock band Guns N’ Roses. In this article, I will tell you the story of Slash, and in the end, I will reveal what guitar does Slash play. The early life of …

who played guitar on beat it by michael jackson


Who Played Guitar On Beat It By Michael Jackson?

There are historical moments in the history of music, moments that make certain artists, songs, or records stand out. Today I will tell you about one moment that impacted the history of Rock and Pop music. This is the story of a great song, and I will reveal the secret of who played guitar on …

rocksmith review

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Rocksmith Review – 2014 Edition Remastered

Is learning to play guitar hard work or fun like playing a game? Work commonly requires dedication and commitment. Play is generally something you can stop at any time. In other words, nobody will push you to play. Work and games are not mutually exclusive, and it will always be healthy to achieve a good …

gibson learn and master guitar review

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Gibson Learn And Master Guitar Review

Welcome to my Gibson Learn And Master Guitar Review! Here you will find everything you need to know about this great guitar course from Gibson. Keep reading or click here to jump directly to my recommended alternative and the conclusion. Interested in learning from our top-choice online guitar lesson platform? Begin your free trial with …

how to play slide guitar

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A Guide To Beginners On How To Play Slide Guitar

The history of slide guitar began when the Hawaiian guitarist Joseph Kekuku accidentally discovered the slide guitar technique in 1889. It all started when Joseph was walking along a railroad track and found a metal bolt in the ground. As he picked up the bolt, he struck the strings of the guitar he was carrying …

books on how to learn guitar

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5 Best Books On How To Learn Guitar

How to learn to play guitar? Is it better to learn with videos on YouTube or with an online course? Is it better to learn by reading books? In my experience, all these questions are valid, and all these can also be answered in affirmative. It is true that in these times in which we are …

why learn guitar scales - man playing acoustic guitar

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Why It’s Important To Learn Guitar Scales

When you start playing guitar, you probably think it’s enough to learn chords, strumming, playing on time, and with proper technique. And when the time comes, and you first hear about scales, you may ask yourself, why I have to learn guitar scales? Is it really necessary?  I’m not going to lie to you, scales …

how to learn guitar fingerstyle

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How To Learn Guitar Fingerstyle

I started playing guitar as a teenager with a poor-quality electric guitar. A friend gave me my first lessons. With him, I learned the first elementary notions of playing guitar and my first chords. I felt great satisfaction when I managed to form my first chords and make them sound good. The satisfaction and feeling …

how to use a guitar tuner - man playing acoustic guitar

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How To Use A Guitar Tuner. Let’s Learn Some Tips.

We have already made several posts about how to begin playing guitar here at All Stringed. We have talked about how to learn acoustic guitar chords for beginners. And have posted about 10 easy songs to play on guitar for beginners too. But it’s time to talk about a very important thing that you must do before anything …

best way to learn guitar without a teacher - acoustic guitar

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The Best Way To Learn Guitar Without A Teacher

Although there are excellent guitar teachers out there, learning to play the guitar without a teacher is possible. I will give you some tips, based on my own experience, to find the best way to learn guitar without a teacher. Here at All Stringed, we have already made several articles related to learning at home. …

how to learn acoustic guitar chords for beginners - playing acoustic guitar

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How To Learn Acoustic Guitar Chords For Beginners

Surely you’ve read some of the articles we’ve left for you here at All Stringed. There you can see that we have come a long way through the world of acoustic and electric guitars. Along that way, we have tried to help our readers find the right guitar model for each one. If you have already chosen yours and …

learn how to strum an acoustic guitar - man playing acoustic guitar

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Learn How To Strum An Acoustic Guitar

You’ve already started this exciting journey of learning to play guitar. Treasure everything you learn, every posture, every movement, every technique. Practice each one and keep them as tools in a toolbox. Because every one of these things you learn now, you’ll keep using them as long as you keep playing guitar. If you’ve decided …

best guitar to learn on for adults - man playing acoustic guitar

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What’s The Best Guitar To Learn On For Adults?

If you ask me what’s the best guitar to learn on for adults? I wouldn’t answer very differently than if you asked me about a guitar for beginners. Because the best guitar to learn on is the one that is the simplest and easiest. This does not matter if you are an adult or not. …