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learn fingerpicking guitar - woman playing acoustic guitar

Basic Patterns To Learn Fingerpicking Guitar

When you’re learning the guitar, you may want to move past simple strumming techniques. Fingerpicking can make what you play sound more interesting, and it’s very important to know how to fingerpick for certain styles of music, such as folk. If you’ve wondered how to learn fingerpicking guitar, the good news

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how to play guitar faster - playing on stage

10 Tips On How To Play Guitar Faster

As you advance in learning guitar, you will discover new techniques and new milestones to reach. When thinking about this, you will often find two kinds of guitar players: those who will feel happy with their grasp of the guitar and look for challenges to their skills, and those who

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how to play bar chords - man sitting in opark and playing acoustic guitar

How To Play Bar Chords Easily

On this occasion, we will talk about bar chords: such a useful yet frustrating technique to master. Let’s look at it this way: by now, you might have mastered the open chords. You might even explore the fretboard playing single strings. You’ve gotten used to transpose songs so that you

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worship guitar lessons - playing guitar in church

Christian Music and Worship Guitar Lessons

From Biblical times, God has been worshipped in song. Back then, it was the work for psalmists and musicians. But nowadays, anyone can do it with all the resources available to learn! In this article, we will take a look into some signature elements of Christian music, along with worship

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best way to learn to play guitar - man is playing epiphone electric guitar

The Best Way to Learn To Play Guitar

It goes without saying that in order to be a guitar virtuoso practicing until your fingers bleed is the first step. No good guitarists are born – they are made. Hendrix wouldn’t have become Hendrix if he had never practiced. Sure, people can take to learning guitar a little quicker

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best way to learn blues guitar - man playing guitar on stage

The Best Way To Learn Blues Guitar In 7 Steps

Today we will talk about Blues, a music genre that comes from deep African influences in the south of the United States. Blues is often identified with melancholy and sorrow. Moreover, this is a genre very open to improvisation and doesn’t need huge ensembles to be played (a piano, a

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easy bar chords - F Major Bar Chord on Guitar

Easy Bar Chords For Guitar – The Basic Shapes

When you’re first starting out on guitar (or even if you’ve been playing a while!), bar chords can be difficult. You need a certain amount of finger and hand strength to create a clear sound. If you’re looking for easy bar chords, you may not find any that are particularly

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best scales to learn on guitar - man playing electric guitar

Best Scales To Learn On Guitar

Learning how to play the guitar is a strange combination of being extremely satisfying and infuriating at the same time. A certain euphoria is felt when you can finally strum along to Oasis’ Wonderwall in time or when the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under the Bridge no longer seems like

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guitar tabs for beginners - man playing electric guitar

TAB 101: Guitar Tabs For Beginners

Learning Guitar tabs is essential for beginners! Tablature is the language in which our favorite riffs on the guitar are written. You’ll learn the importance of reading tabs, a simple way to understand them, and the most common symbols with many examples in this article. When and why guitar tabs

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