how to add an effects loop to a tube amp

How To Add An Effects Loop To A Tube Amp

Are you setting up your guitar rig and want to add an effects loop to your tube amp? If yes, then you’ve wandered around and found the right guide. Adding an effects loop to a tube amp involves plugging in a 1/4-inch instrument cable into the Effects Send out of

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how to connect guitar amp to audio interface

How To Connect Guitar Amp To Audio Interface

Do you have a guitar amp in your rig, and you need to connect it to an audio interface? If so, then you’re definitely in the right place. Connecting a guitar amp to an audio interface involves connecting the amp’s line-out port to the interface’s input via a 1/4-inch cable.

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why does my guitar amp crackle

Why Does My Guitar Amp Crackle?

Have you been hearing a crackling sound in your guitar amp, but don’t understand why it’s happening? If yes, then don’t worry, you’ll get to know about the potential reason here. Guitar amp crackles due to a variety of reasons including faulty output line, bad soldering, an improper connection between

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what is the standby switch for on a tube amp

What Is The Standby Switch For On A Tube Amp?

Have you just learned to operate a tube amp, but you’re struggling to understand the technicality of a standby switch? If yes, don’t worry because all your doubts about standby switches are about to be resolved. Standby switch for tube amps allows the amp to be turned on while preventing

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what is contour on a guitar amp

What Is Contour On A Guitar Amp?

Are you a beginner still getting to grips with the settings on your guitar amp, especially the amp contour? If so, then this article is just what you need. Contour on a guitar amp is responsible for lowering the mid-frequencies. If you’re increasing the contour, you’re decreasing the mid-range frequencies

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what does a tube amp sound like

What Does A Tube Amp Sound Like?

Are you in the market for a new guitar amp, but you’re confused between what do tube amps and solid-state amps sound like? You’ll be glad you landed on this article as all your doubts will be cleared here. Tube amps sound like absolute bliss and are a superior option

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why is my guitar amp picking up radio

Why Is My Guitar Amp Picking Up Radio Interference?

Have you been observing radio interference on your guitar amp, but don’t know why? If so, then you’ve landed on the right page. Guitar amp picking up radio is due to faulty or poor shielding of the electronics cavity. The casing of your guitar jack and the pickup pots will

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what is presence on a guitar amp

What Is Presence On A Guitar Amp?

Have you been learning to play the guitar but struggling with effects and knobs like presence? If so, then you’re not alone. Many beginners have trouble understanding presence knobs on guitar amps. Presence on a guitar amp takes care of the treble response of the amp in the power sections.

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how to use an effects loop on a guitar amp

How To Use An Effects Loop On A Guitar Amp

Are you a beginner learning to play the guitar, but struggling to understand how to use an effects loop on a guitar amp? If, then you shouldn’t worry because you aren’t alone. Many beginners struggle with this problem. Using effects loop on a guitar amp is all about knowing exactly

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how to clean guitar amp

How To Clean Guitar Amp To Get Premium Performance

Have you run your guitar amp to the ground, and now you need to clean it, but you don’t know how to? Then don’t worry because, by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know how to clean guitar amp thoroughly. Cleaning guitar amp is an absolute necessity and

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how to run stereo guitar amps

How To Run Stereo Guitar Amps

Are you planning on buying stereo guitar amps, but don’t know how to ruin two guitar amps in stereo? If so, then you shouldn’t worry, you will know all about it by the time you’re done reading this blog. Running stereo guitar amps involves chaining two guitar amps together, as

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